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Tramadol Online For Pets, Tramadol Online Usa


  • 2016 The Plan Award for Akasya Central Park, Istanbul Turkey
  • 2016 Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Nomination for Akasya Central Park, Istanbul Turkey
  • 2016 Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Nomination for Constitution Garden, Kuwait
  • 2006: Aga Khan Prize for Architecture, Nomination for Olivium Villas
  • 2005-2006: Premio Internazionale Dedalo Minosse, Honorable Mention, Olivium Villas, Bodrum, Turkey.
  • 2007: Premio International Torsanlorenzo, Second Prize for Landscaping. Olivium Villas.
  • 1975: AIA School Medal, Columbia University, School of Architecture


  • 2006: Stockholm Public Library, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 2004: World Trade Center Memorial, New York, New York.
  • 2001: Olivium Villas, Bodrum, Turkey, First Place
  • 1997: Kansai Kan of the National Diet Library.  Nara, Japan.   Published:  “Entries in the Architectural Design Competition for the Kansai-Kan National Diet Library”. 1997.  Public Building Association,  Japan.
  • 1996: Prado Museum – International Competition for the Renovation and Extension of the Museum.  Madrid, Spain.
  • 1995: HAL-Mode -College of Fashion and Information Technology, Osaka, Japan.  With Obayashi  Corporation.  Second Place.
  • 1979: Les Halles – Paris, France.  Honorable Mention.

Exhibition of Work

  • 2007: Milan, Italy. Build-Up Expo, Fiera di Milano.  AIA Continental Europe Stand.
  • 2007: Turin, Italy.  Exhibit and Lecture:  “Architetti ‘americani’ in Europa” .   Castello del Valentino, School of Architecture.
  • 2005: Osaka, Japan.  Lecture:  “Sustainable Building Materials”  Sunstar Foundation.
  • 1996: Paris, France.  AIA Continental Europe Conference.  Lecture on Current Work.
  • 1992: Osaka, Japan.  Lecture:  “Western Urban Design Concepts and Japanese Applications”, Presentation to Sunstar Foundation.
  • 1991: Salone Internazionale dell’Architettura, Triennale di Milano, with COTEFA

Professional/Pro Bono Service

      • 2014: Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)Member
      • 2008: Fellow of the American Institute of Architects
      • 2007: AIA London Conference, “Excellence in Design-Design-Build”, Organizing Committee, London
      • 2007-2008: AIA Continental Europe Chapter /Organizing Committee Member – Athens Conference
      • 2007: AIA Continental Europe Chapter /Organizing Committee Member – “Europe / Sustainable Building Layer for Google Earth”.
      • 2007: AIA Continental Europe Chapter /Organizer-Promoter:  Build-Up Expo, Milan Real Estate Fair
      • 2004-2007: AIA Liaison to Architects Council of Europe
      • 2004-2007: AIA International Committee Advisory Group, ex officio member
      • 2006: AIA/USA Delegate to UIA World Congress, Istanbul, Turkey
      • 2005: Hole-in-the-Wall Gang Camps / Dynamo – pro bono design for new camp in Italy
      • 1999: President – AIA Continental Europe Chapter
      • 1998: AIA – Continental Europe Design Awards Organizing Committee Member
      • 1997-1998: Vice President /President Elect  AIA  Continental Europe Chapter